OSWIR 2005
2005 workshop on Open Source Web Information Retrieval
in association with the
2005 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conferences on Web Intelligence & Intelligent Agent Technology

Call for paper

Final report

The final report 2005-oswir-FINAL_REPORT.pdf.

Papers and slides

All the papers in a single file (70 pages) and with the cover page (72 pages)
  1. Pre-processing Text for Web Information Retrieval Purposes by Splitting Compounds into their Morphemes
    Sven Abels and Axel Hahn slides (.ppt)
  2. Fuzzy querying of XML documents -- The Minimum Spanning Tree
    Abdeslame Alilaouar and Florence Sedes slides (.ppt)
  3. Link Analysis in National Web Domains
    Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Carlos Castillo slides (.pdf)
  4. Web Document Models for Web Information Retrieval
    Michel Beigbeder slides (.pdf)
  5. Static Ranking of Web Pages
    Wray Buntine slides (.pdf)
  6. WIRE: an Open Source Web Information Retrieval Environment
    Carlos Castillo and Ricardo Baeza-Yates slides (.pdf)
  7. Nutch: an Open-Source Platform for Web Search
    Doug Cutting
  8. Structural and Contextual Information in Relevance Feedback
    Lobna Hlaoua and Mohand Boughanem slides (.ppt)
  9. An Extension to the Vector Model for Retrieving XML Documents
    Fabien Laniel and Jean-Jacques Girardot slides (.pdf)
  10. Do Search Engines Understand Greek or User Requests "Sound Greek" to them?
    Fotis Lazarinis
  11. Use of Kolmogorov Distance Identification of Web Page Authorship, Topic and Domain
    David Parry slides (.ppt)
  12. Searching Web Archive Collections
    Michael Stack slides (.pdf)
  13. XGTagger, an Open-Source Interface Dealing with XML Contents
    Xavier Tannier, Jean-Jacques Girardot and Mihaela Mathieu slides (.ppt)
  14. The Lifespan, Accessibility and Archiving of Dynamic Documents
    Katarzyna Wegrzyn-Wolska slides (.ppt)
  15. SYRANNOT: Information Retrieval Assistance System on the Web by Semantic Annotations Re-use
    Wiem Yaiche Elleuch, Lobna Jeribi and Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou
  16. Search in Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing System: Like Metasearch Engines, But Not Really
    Wai Gen Yee, Dongmei Jia and Linh Thai Nguyen slides (.ppt)

Group slides

  1. XML group slides (.ppt)
  2. Misc. group slides (.ppt)


  1. Open Source Search: resource site for open source development of search engines.
  2. Nutch is open source web-search software.