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Last Update: 07/01/31

   INCOM's facts, figures… and photos   
INCOM's philosophy was simple:
put industrial problems in the forefront and invite all possible players in Automatic Control, Computer Science, Management Science, Operational Research and Industrial Engineering, to regard and offer solutions. This approach without frontiers between disciplines has made INCOM'06 one of the major scientific and industrial events in Manufacturing Systems and Logistics of 2006.

Pr. Alexandre Dolgui
Director of Division G2I
General Scientific Chair INCOM'06

INCOM at a Glance
Key characteristics and figures
  • Exceptional Program Committee (IPC): 79 leading scientists from 29 countries
  • Challenging Symposium Topics resulting in: 603 submissions from 55 countries
  • Top Quality Expertise: 731 experts participated in the peer review process (about 2000 reviews made, minimum 3 reviews per article)
  • First-Class Selection: only 375 articles were accepted for the final program (38 % of submissions were rejected), even less will be published in the proceedings due to an additional refinement process
  • Rich and Diverse Program: 443 academic and industrial presentations (375 papers selected after the peer review process, 61 invited industrial presentations, and 7 keynote speeches)
  • Impressive Attendance: 783 registered participants from 45 countries
  • World Wide Dissemination of Results: Preprints (2665 pages), Proceedings by Elsevier Science, Seventeen International Journals for post-symposium publications
The 3 components of a successful program:
  • An Excellent Academic Program
  • An Extensive Industrial Exhibition
  • Three Associated Industrial Workshops

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  INCOM'2006 Objectives
Scientific Challenges for INCOM'2006
The symposium stressed all the challenges that arise from new paradigms of Intelligent Manufacturing System and Supply Chain Management. Design, manufacturing, maintenance, distribution and associated services are considered in building integrated methods and tools of an Intelligent Factory of the Future.
Scientific Rigour is the Main Principle of INCOM'2006
For scientific excellence, a first rank International Program Committee (IPC) was selected. The scope and topics of the Symposium were chosen precisely to integrate all the most important scientific and industrial issues of today. Well known scientists were invited to chair a Track (50 Track Chairmen respected World Wide). The scientific selection was based on complete paper submissions. A strict peer review process with minimum 3 reviewers per paper was organized. A selection rate of only 59 % was enforced. An additional evaluation of all accepted paper by session chairs was accomplished (both before the symposium on-line and during the sessions themselves).
Industrial Applications of Academic Results
Intensifying the cooperation with the industrial sector was defined as one of the major objectives of the symposium. The National Organizing Committee (NOC) and International Program Committee (IPC) were co-chaired by industrial leaders. Several industrial sponsors were implicated in the symposium organization. Our fruitful partnerships resulted in a very good industrial exhibition with 42 stands, 3 industrial workshops, and led to 3 industrial prizes awarded.
Promotion of Promising Young Researchers
Another goal of INCOM'2006 was to provide aid and public recognition to young scientists. The registration fees were reduced to half price for them. The NOC offered some free accommodations. Finally, three prizes for young authors were awarded.
Public Relations
Public relations were also a priority of INCOM'2006: press conferences, press releases, publications in several kinds of news papers and magazines - economic, technical, industrial, and general press, as well as radio and television. This strategy permitted to better explain the importance of INCOM and related works to both the public at large as well as potential economic and political decision makers.

  Submissions and Reviewing Process

603 submitted papers (each paper is 6 pages in the required double column format of IFAC)
55 different countries are represented via submissions
731 reviewers participated in the peer review process
2000 reviews received (approximately)
375 papers selected after the peer review process (38 % of submissions are rejected at this step)
950 authors of the papers selected
361 papers (only 59% of submissions) are included in the Proceedings by Elsevier Science

 Number of submissions per country

  List of 731 reviewers

  Final Program
443 presentations were scheduled:
       375 papers selected after the peer review process
       61 invited industrial presentations
       7 keynote academic speeches: S. B. Gershwin (USA), A.Kusiak (USA), S.Y. Nof (USA),
        C.E.Pereira (BR), J.M. Proth (FR), F.B.Vernadat (LU), A.Villa (IT)

42 exhibition stands
428 presentations were really made (about 3.1 % of non-shows only)

  INCOM'2006 program

  •  Presentations by Category

    341 oral presentations made in the scientific sessions
    45 scientific posters were displayed
    35 lectures were given in the 3 industrial workshops
    7 keynotes speeches were presented
  •  Awards at INCOM'2006

    3 prizes for the young authors
    3 prizes for the industrial papers
    23 Track prizes

  List of winners

Total number of participants: 783
       Academics: 544
       Industrial representatives: 239
       PhD Students: 130

45 countries were represented at Saint Etienne via participants
(with a total of 57 countries via submissions and participants)

  List of 783 participants

  List of 239 industrial participants

  •  Final list of the exhibition stands

    AD Ultima, Agiir Network, Agilium, Alpes DEIS, BOC, BV Associates, Casewise, Club ERA, Courbon, Creative IT, Dassault Systems, Dematic, Enise, EBM Web Sourcing, EFS, IDS-Sheer, ILOG, ImdR-SdF, ITHEC International, itSMF, JP. Fauché, K.U. Leuven, Loire Numérique, Lotim Telecom, Meca Loire, Optimel, Oresys, Osiatis, Pôle Optique Rhône Alpes, Pöle Productique Rhône Alpes, QPIT BV, Qualiac, Rb3d, SAS Institute, Segula Ingenierie, Sensorex, Simcore, Simpartners S.A., Telemaq SARL, Thesame, UGS/Technomatix.
  Feedback and Conclusion

"Thanks for everything. You have produced an outstanding conference."
Andrew Kusiak

"Why not host the next edition of INCOM… in St Etienne."
Shimon Nof

"Greetings! Thanks for a most excellent conference!"
Lawrence Whitman

"Well done for a great conference. We really enjoyed it."
Glen Bright

"Despite the short time I spent at St. Etienne I really learned a couple of very important concepts which I shall pursue in my research. Even the train strike did not dampen the pleasure. You have organized a very good conference. Congratulations!"
Salah E. Elmaghraby

" Un grand merci aux organisateurs d'INCOM, qui nous ont fait vivre un excellent congrès. "
Jean Claude Hennet

"It has been one week after INCOM'06 and today I am back to Singapore. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for organizing such a successful event. I enjoyed my participation and networking in INCOM'06. My stay in Saint Etienne was a very pleasant experience."
Ying Liu

" De retour de St-Etienne après INCOM 06, je tiens à vous adresser toutes mes félicitations pour cette grande réussite. L'organisation était parfaite et vous n'avez rien laissé au hasard. "
Rémy Glardon

"Mille fois merci pour ce beau congres et votre travail pharaonique."
Hervé Pingaud

"Encore félicitations pour l'organisation et le succès d'INCOM06"
Benoît Iung

"I'd like to congratulate you for a wonderful conference."
Yossi Bukchin

"Merci pour tout, l'accueil et l'organisation, pendant la conférence qui reste un grand succès. Vous avez fait un excellent travail. Félicitations encore"
François Vernadat

"I think that INCOM has acquired a much higher standing after St Etienne! I sincerely cannot recall a better organised conference!"
Yiannis Papadopoulos

"I believe INCOM06 was one of or actually the best conferences I have been to, over my academic career. Well done, on firstly the quality of the papers which was exceptional and the organisation."
Stephen T. Newman