The Seventh Review of April Fool's day Transactions (RAFT'2012)
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Call for papers

We are very proud to announce the seventh edition of the Review of April Fool's day Transactions (RAFT'2012) which unexpectedly follows the sixth edition in 2011. Last year, we had an impressive media coverage, with an astounding reference in The Wall Street Journal. This year, we are planning to award the best paper by engraving the winners' article in stone tablets, to be displayed at a public event. For these reasons, we invite you to submit a paper, by March 15th, 2012, to the RAFT Editorial Board for consideration at the RAFT'2012 'Ground Breaking' edition. It is your last chance of having a paper published in RAFT before the end of the world.


In the same spirit as in the previous years' issues, we demand that the submitted papers follow strict rigour, technical soundness, originality, humour, funniness, weirdness and comprehensibleness. We greatly recommend nonsense, Gibberish, gobbledygook jargon and blah blah. Topics are entirely up to the authors, but a rude scientific treatment should be inflicted to the matter in question.

Previous issues

We have also compiled examples of expected papers.


Papers must be submitted via email to either Rodolphe Héliot (rhataprilfoolsreviewdotcom) or Antoine Zimmermann (azataprilfoolsreviewdotcom) and should fit one of the following formats: LATEX or any kind of formatted text (e.g., Micro$oft Word, RTF, HTML, etc). Paper language can be either French or English.

Important dates

Submission deadline
15th March 2012
Notification of acceptance
20th March 2012
Camera ready papers
24th March 2012
April Fool's day
1st April 2012

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Moreover, our journal was mentioned by the Wall Street Journal in its Ideas Calendar on March 26-April 1.


The committee of the RAFT is composed of two half-human/half-scientist individuals who have been bred by a pack of crazy erudites.

Rodolphe Héliot (rhataprilfoolsreviewdotcom)
Antoine Zimmermann (azataprilfoolsreviewdotcom
Antoine Zimmermann (azataprilfoolsreviewdotcom)

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