Industrial and Territorial Environments

Course Director(s): Hervé Vaillant & Eric Piatyszek

General Description

During the major course on “Industrial and Territorial Environments” students will acquire the knowledge and skills to implement the means to improve the environmental and energy saving performance of an enterprise, of a group of enterprises in a given territory, or of an urban system.

Links between course units

The major is organised in four parts :

- Water management in urban environments (42 hours)

- Activities classified for the environment (42 hours)

- Improvement of environmental and energy efficiency performances of companies (42 hours)

- Industrial and territorial ecology (33 hours)

Orientations / Associations with other courses

Strong links with the “Energy Transition” specialisation and the major in “Process Engineering” but other combinations are possible.

Recommended Toolboxes

- Toolbox "Environmental assessment"

- Toolbox "GIS and Geostatics"

Recommended Toolbox or Multi-disciplinary projects

- Toolbox "Hazard and Risk assessment methods"

- Toolbox "Generic methods for Geology for civil engineering"

- Multi-disciplinary project “Ecological transition and territorial resilience”

- Multi-disciplinary project “Renewable energy”

- Multi-disciplinary project “Crisis management and territorial risks”

- Multi-disciplinary project “ Professions in the environment sector”

Key words

Environmental performance, industrial and territorial ecology, urban hydrology