Liberal Arts (O1)

Course Director(s): Christine Berton


Objectives of the module:

Each year a different theme will be covered

Through approaches such as Art and the Sciences, Philosophy of the Sciences, Musical production, Communication, Theatre, Production of Audiovisual documents, Dance, Photography, History of Cities.., the students will alternate with conferences, courses, visits and practical workshops


Workshop titles in 2017 :

Links between other projects / multi-disciplinary projects / internships


Positioning within the overall programme


Key words

Art, science, light, philosophy, creativity


Number of work hours per student



Intended learning outcomes

On completion of the unit, the student will be capable of:

Classification level


Demonstrating creativity in an artistic field, a priori previously unknown


7. Create




Appropriating a specific artistic language to express the city in an unusual way


2. Understand




Understanding possible complementarities between art and science through urban issues


4. Analyse




Combining collective work and personal fulfilment


3. Apply
















Learning assessment methods

Percentage ratio of individual assessment

Percentage ratio of group assessment

Written exam:





Project submission:






Individual oral exam:





Group presentation:





Individual presentation:





Group practical exercise:





Individual practical exercise:





Group report:





Individual report:








Other(s):Participation        50  %

Programme and content

Type of teaching activity

Content, sequencing and organisation

Practical courses