Business Sectors (O3)

Course Director(s): Valérie Locurto


Discovery of a choice of 10 activity sectors :

Links between other projects / multi-disciplinary projects / internships

A complementary module to the “Professions” project which leads to the discovery of 7 professions

Positioning within the overall programme

Shared “blocked” week in semesters 7 & 9, allowing the student to discover two activity sectors over the two years.

Key words               

Activity sectors


Number of work hours per student



Intended learning outcomes

On completion of the unit, the student will be capable of:

Classification level


Knowing the techno-economic details of a chosen activity sector


1. Knowledge




Understanding the functioning of an industrial site


2. Understand




Analysing comments from a practising engineer


4. Analyse



















Learning assessment methods

Percentage ratio of individual assessment

Percentage ratio of group assessment

Written exam:





Project submission:





Individual oral exam:





Group presentation:





Individual presentation:





Group practical exercise:





Individual practical exercise:





Group report:





Individual report:








Other(s):          %

Programme and content

Type of teaching activity

Content, sequencing and organisation

(inter)active Amphitheatre


Techno-economic details of an activity sector delivered by professional actors (professional unions ...)


Practical work


Visit to an industrial site of interest




Feedback and comments from working engineers