Course Director(s): Frederic Christien, Mathilde Rieu


Students working in groups of 4 solve a scientific and technical problem, by applying interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. The work to be submitted is of a technical character: demonstrator, software programme, model, prototype …
These projects also provide the opportunity for students to discover the laboratories and meet the research teams in the School.

Links between course units

Links with other projects are to be defined depending on the progress of activity, but potential bridges exist with the citizenship and innovation/entrepreneurship projects.

Positioning and coherence within the cycle

This project is the first technical project the students will undertake. They will need to use the basic knowledge acquired during the first year core curriculum courses in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics.
Following in parallel a specific major or a 3rd Toolbox subject could be beneficial to the students training programme.

Key words

Inter-disciplinarity, laboratories, group work


Number of work hours per student



Intended learning outcomes

On completion of the unit, the student will be capable of:

Classification level


Identifying the basic skills for solving a scientific problem


1. Knowledge




Understanding the scientific nature of a project


2. Understand




Applying methods and complex algorithms


3. Apply




Interpreting experiment results


4. Analyse




Confirming the piloting of a project


3. Apply




Knowing how to communicate and vulgarise his work


3. Apply










Learning assessment methods

Percentage ratio of individual assessment

Percentage ratio of group assessment

Written exam:





Project submission:






Individual oral exam:





Group presentation:





Individual presentation:





Group practical exercise:





Individual practical exercise:





Group report:





Individual report:








Other(s):Participation in and commitment to the project (coefficient multiplier)          %

Programme and content

Type of teaching activity

Content, sequencing and organisation

Project based learning


According to the project defined by the tutors