Assistant engineer

Course Director(s): Joséphine Drapier


The 2nd year internship places the student in the situation of an actor, without seeking any autonomous role in the piloting of a project. The internship is supervised by a tutor and consists of applying acquired scientific, organisational or human science knowledge. It will typically involve using software programmes to carry out defined tasks, within an engineering team, or participating in the application of an industrial process (production, logistics, organisation …). It reinforces the student’s knowledge of the professional world, of general skills and competencies and self-awareness.


The objectives of the internship are as follows :


Principle objective : to be an actor in the execution of an engineering mission within a team


Secondary objectives :


- to establish links between acquired knowledge fields


- to progress in the construction of a personal professional project (activity sector, field of study)

Links between other projects/ multi-disciplinary projects / internships

The internship should be chosen in relation to the knowledge and skills acquired from the majors or toolboxes and possibly from the interdisciplinary specialisations.

The activity of the Innovation/Creation/Entrepreneurship project could be an interesting or motivating source of inspiration for future student creators.

Positioning within the overall programme

The 2nd year internship is an essential element in the construction process of the personal and professional project. It enables students to test themselves in a working environment. Through contact with a group of engineers they will comprehend the different aspects of their missions and consolidate choices in terms of positioning for majors and interdisciplinary specialisations and lay down solid foundations for the 3rd year, during which a final diploma thesis will be drafted, which is more complete and demanding (notably in terms of autonomy).

Internships abroad offer the students multiple possibilities of testing themselves in multi-cultural environments.

Key words

Internship, 2nd year, actor


Number of working hours per student

13 weeks

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of the unit, the student will be capable of:

Classification level


Applying academic knowledge in concrete situations


3. Apply




Analysing professional situations and capitalising on them


4. Analyse




Demonstrating critical thinking in relation to a result / to a given situation


6. Assess




Working in a team


3. Apply




Reinforcing his written and oral communication skills (formal / informal)


3. Apply




Consolidating and submitting his work


5. Summarise




Refining his reflection on his personal and professional project


5. Summarise







Learning assessment methods

Percentage ratio of individual assessment

Percentage ratio of group assessment

Written exam:





Project submission:





Individual oral exam:





Group presentation:





Individual presentation:






Group practical exercise:





Individual practical exercise:





Group report:





Individual report:









Other(s):fiche d'appréciation de l'élève par l'entreprise        33  %

Programme and content

Type of teaching activity

Content, sequencing and organisation

Role play


The student has the possibility of obtaining information on different engineering professions throughout the 2nd year through visits to company forums, the conference series on professions, by listening to the experiences of former graduates in different contexts (training courses, inter-semester activities) or by watching the professions videos on the School’s internship platform.

The student will benefit from specific preparation sessions on tools for finding an internship (CV, cover letters, interview techniques)


The student will also have the possibility of full scale testing during an interview simulation, by role play exercises with a recruiter from the professional field the student is targeting. The 2nd year internship should last between 10 and 12 weeks, in an enterprise or a research laboratory or in an international organisation. The student is responsible for finding his internship individually and the School will manage the contract details. A final written internship report will be submitted, accompanied by an oral presentation.