Dynamo Days

Course Director(s):Michael Andre, Karine Richou


The Dynamo Days programme takes place during an “inter-semester” period, a blocked period for emulation and co-creation during which students and the School staff will take on a challenge !
A call for challenges is sent out to companies, start-ups, local authorities and associations in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alps Region. A specific work project is to be submitted at the end of the Dynamo Days period according to specifications defined at the start of the activity.
Each student will work in a team of 10 to 15 persons on a challenge during the allotted period (details below). There is a compulsory choice to be made from 5 challenges, placed in order of preference, so as to split the whole year into the different challenge groups.

See the list of challenges 2017.

Links between other projects / specialisations / internships

Links with other projects will be defined as the activities get under way, but potential bridges can be created between the Dynamo Days and other central theme projects.

Positioning within the overall programme

During this event The Ecole des Mines puts itself at the service of societal challenges in the region. Dynamo Days aim to bring together men and women to spark creative ideas and provide answers and solutions to these social challenges.
It involves therefore the reinforcement of approaches between the School and enterprises and local authorities which could subsequently take concrete form as a Tech Project, Citizenship Project, PRICE or an Industrial and Research Project.

Key words

Inter-disciplinarity, team work


Number of work hours per student



Intended learning outcomes

On completion of the unit, the student will be capable of :

Classification level


Becoming aware of the issues facing our society


2. Understand




Proposing concrete local solutions, backed up by a scientific approach


3. Apply





Programme and content