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Joint European Thermodynamics Conference IX

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Important dates

  • From Jan. 15th, 2007Online registration
  • February 14thApplication for Prigogine Prize
  • February 16thDeadline for submission of abstracts
  • March 31stAnswers for abstract acceptance
  • April 30thPaper : for accepted communications
  • June 12-15, 2007JETC IX
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The Ilya Prigogine Prize of thermodynamics

European Centre for Advanced Studies in Thermodynamics (ECAST)

Centre Européen de Réflexion et d'Etude en Thermodynamique (CERET)


The 2007  prize has been awarded to

Stefano MAZZONI,  Ph.D. in Physics, Universita degli Studi di Milano, and presently at European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
for his work on: “Pattern formation in convective instabilities in a colloidal suspension”.

Two other applicants were nominated:
Yao Ketowoglo AZOUMAH (Togo, PhD at University of Perpignan, France, and presently at CANMET, Canada)
"Conception optimale par approche constructale de réseaux arborescents de transferts couplés pour réacteurs thermochimiques"

 Yu ZHONG (Sichuan University, China, Ph D at Pennsylvania State University, presently at Saint-Gobain, Northborough, MA, USA)
"Investigation in Mg-Al-Ca-Sr-Zn System by Computational Thermodynamics Approach Coupled With First-Principles Energetics and Experiments"

The selection committee for the 2007 prize was composed of



Call for applications

The Ilya Prigogine Prize is endowed with an amount of 2000 Euros in addition to a diploma. The prize honours PhD theses or equivalent work accomplished by young researchers, defended or published between January 2005 and January 2007. All aspects and branches of thermodynamics are considered, from applied and experimental work to the most theoretical aspects.


This prize, organized by ECAST, was patronized by the Nobel Prize laureate I.Prigogine personally, while he was alive. Every two years, it is bestowed on a promising young researcher in thermodynamics for his/her PhD thesis or for equivalent work. It was first awarded in 2001 in Mons, Belgium during the JETC 7 (Joint European Thermodynamics Conference), the second time in 2003 in Barcelona, Spain during JETC 8 and the third time in 2005 during a Thermodynamics workshop in Udine, Italy.


The applications will be examined by a selection committee of about ten scientists from different European countries. They will act as experts themselves and/or will choose the best experts in the domains concerned. The composition of the selection committee will be made public.

Conferral of the 2007 Prize

The prize will be conferred solemnly during the JETC  9 meeting held in Saint-Etienne, France, June 12-15, 2007. The recipient will on this occasion give an oral presentation of his/her work. The candidates will be informed of the results by the end of April 2007.

Application: the following documents are required


February 14th 2007

Address for sending documents

attention of Marie Blanchet, CERET,
1 rue Grandville, 54001 Nancy Cedex,

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