12/13/14/15 June 2007

Joint European Thermodynamics Conference IX

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Important dates

  • From Jan. 15th, 2007Online registration
  • February 14thApplication for Prigogine Prize
  • February 16thDeadline for submission of abstracts
  • March 31stAnswers for abstract acceptance
  • April 30thPaper : for accepted communications
  • June 12-15, 2007JETC IX
Detailed calendar

Current list of accepted communications

Tentative Program

This program might still be modified… Please tell us if there is a big discrepancy with your schedule or if there are mistakes.

65 communications: 40 oral communications and 25 poster communications.
The oral communications last for 20 minutes including discussion (prepare 15 minutes talks) and the oral presentations of poster last for 3 minutes (no discussion, prepare 3 slides).

Please bring your ppt file in advance, i.e. before the session, to the computer in the main amphitheatre. The abstract presentations (3 slides) must be sent in advance by mail to an address that will be announced soon.

Those participants who have written books are invited to bring copies along with them for display during the conference


Four main themes:

A. Foundations of thermodynamics : history, philosophy, teaching of thermodynamics, I. Prigogine’s legacy, new approaches

B. Non-equilibrium thermodynamics: thermodiffusion, kinetics of phase transitions, transport processes, advanced concepts

C. Equilibrium thermodynamics: equations of state, phase equilibria, nanosystems, computation

D. Optimization and engineering systems: exergy, energy, finite-time thermodynamics

Day 1: Tuesday June 12, 2007

8h30 – 9h30
Registration, installation of posters, coffee, a first look to the exhibitions (thermodynamics, books)
9h30 – 10h50

Welcome and session A1

20 minutes:

  • welcome addresses: Bernard Guy, Daniel Tondeur, Jean-Charles Pinoli (Ecole des mines), Noël Paul (Saint-Etienne Métropole)
  • announcements: exhibition on thermodynamics: Emilie Pourchez, and Ecole des mines students; exhibition on books: Thierry Veyron; Ceilidh:  Peter Bowden; publication of presentations in thermodynamics journals: Daniel Tondeur ; geological excursion: B. Guy

60 minutes:
Session A1: 3 oral communications

  • Gian Paolo Beretta : Axiomatic definition of entropy for non-equilibrium states
  • Jean-François Le Maréchal: Teaching and learning thermodynamics at school
  • Bernard Guy: Prigogine and the time problem
10h50 – 11h20
Coffee break
11h20 –12h40

Session B1: 4 oral communications

  • Simone Wiegand et al.: Thermal diffusion of neutral and charged colloidal dipersions
  • I. Ryzhkov et al.: On thermal diffusion and convection in multicomponent mixtures with application to thermogravitational column
  • J. Xu et al.: Transport properties of a reactive mixture in a temperature gradient a studied by molecular dynamics simulations
  • P. Galenko et D. Jou: Diffuse interface model for non-equilibrium phase transformations
13h00 – 14h30
14h30 –15h50

Ilya Prigogine prize of thermodynamics and Session B2

40 minutes:
Ilya Prigogine prize of thermodynamics

  • Stefano Mazzoni: Pattern formation in convective instabilities in a colloidal suspension


40 minutes:
Session B2: 2 oral communications

  • E. Nourtier Mazauric et al.: A kinetic model for describing reactions between ideal solid solutions and aqueous solutions
  • D. Clausse et al.: Mass transfer kinetics in O/W/O multiple emulsions
15h50 –16h20
Coffee break
16h20 – 17h40

Session B3 and Presentation of posters 1

40 minutes:
Session B3: 2 communications

  • W. Wolczynski: Criterion of minimum entropy production applied to the explanation of lamella/rod transformation
  • Michel Pons : The transition from single- to multi-cell natural convection of air in cavities with an aspect ratio of 20

40 minutes:
Presentation of posters 1
: 14 posters (themes C and A)

  • C. Giraldo et al.: Ethane gaz hydrate incipient conditions in reversed micelles
  • D. Vasilyev and A. Udovsky: Inconsistency between three types of diagrams for calculation of optimized thermodynamic properties of alloys of the U-Zr system
  • JF Dalloz: New equations of state for various gases (Ar, CO2, C2 H2 , C2H4, NH3, N2, O2) obtained from experimental data
  • A. Abbaci and A. Acidi: Supercritical fluids: case of hexane
  • A. Bougrine et al.: Determination of liquid/vapour equilibria by ebulliometry and modelling by the quasi-ideal model
  • E. Labarthe et al.: Determination of solid-liquid equilibria in the ternary system piperidine-sodium sulphate water by isoplethic thermic analysis: study of the isothermal sections 293K, 298K, 313K
  • P. Paricaud et al.: Recent advances in the use of the SATFT approach to describe the phase behaviour of associating molecules, electrolytes and polymers
  • M. Lakhssassi et al. : A “magmatic isotherm” for the exchange of Fe and M between an olivine solid solution and a melt
  • A. Udovsky and M Kupavtsev: The development of software for automatic computer program for calculation of two-phase tie-lines and thermodynamic properties of two-phase alloys in closed ternary systems using the natural coordinates
  • G. Beretta: Non linear generalization of Schrödinger’s equation uniting quantum mechanics and thermodynamics
  • C. Firat and A Sisman: Quantum surface energy and lateral forces in ideal gases
  • A Truyol: Thermodynamics and nanosciences and nanotechnologies
  • F Dennery: Entropy grows whatever the signs of temperature and time in their arrows
  • P. Galenko and V. Lebedev: Local non-equilibrium effect on spinodal decomposition in a binary system
End of afternoon
(to be organized):  reception at the Mairie de Saint-Etienne: Ilya Prigogine Prize of Thermodynamics


Day 2, Wednesday June 13, 2007

8h30 – 9h30
Posters, exhibitions (thermodynamics, books), coffee
9h30 – 10h50

Session D and presentation of posters 2

Session D (3 oral communications)

  • Karl Heinz Hoffmann: Quantifying dissipative processes
  • M. Sorin F. Rheault and B. Spinner: Thermodynamically guided modelling and intensification of steady state processes
  • JF Portha et al.: Application of exergy analysis and life cycle assessment to naphta catalytic reforming


Poster presentation 2 (Theme D):  5 oral presentations, 20 minutes

  • J. Garrido: Thermodynamics of electrodialysis processes
  • M. Feidt et al.: What’s new with thermodynamic optimization of refrigerating machines, with regards to design and control-command: a review synthesis
  • M. Nikaien et al.: Thermodynamic optimization of Brayton cycle wih steam engine injection using exergy analysis
  • M. Serier and A Serier: Evolutions thermodynamics of a driving fluid in a cylinder with valves
  • M. Radulescu et al.: Hybrid combined heat and power plants using a solid oxide fuel cell and external steam reformer

10h50 – 11h20
Coffee break
11h20 – 12h40

Session C1: 4 oral communications

  • A. Laouir and D. Tondeur: First and second law application to processes involving capillarity
  • J. Faraudo and F. Bresme: Thermodynamic of nanoparticles at liquid/liquid interfaces
  • E. Perfetti, J. Dubessy and R. Thiery: An equation of state taking into account hydrogen bonding and diplar interactions: application to the modelling of liquid-vapour phase equilibria (PVTX properties) for H2O gaz (H2S, CO2, CH4) systems
  • M. Bendova et al.: Liquid-liquid equilibrium in the binary system 1-butyl – 3 – methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate + water. Quantitative analysis of the experimental data
13h00 – 14h30
14h30 –15h50

Session C2: 4 communications

  • S. Sarraute et al.: Aqueous solubility and partition coefficients of halogenated hydrocarbons as a function of molecula structure
  • SL Hafsaoui et al.: Prediction of activiy coefficients in non ideal solutions
  • P. Paricaud et al.: From dimer to condensated phases at extreme conditions: accurate prediction properties of water by a Gaussian charge polarisable model
  • J. Moutte: The Arxim project: modules for the computation of thermodynamic equilibrium in heterogeneous systems; applications to the simulation of fluid-rock systems
15h50 –16h20
Coffee break
16h20 – 17h40

Session A2: 3 communications, 60 minutes

  • Pierre Perrot: Some problems in the teaching of thermodynamics
  • Jakob de Swaan: Waiting for Carnot: thermodynamics concepts and complex processes
  • François-Xavier Demoures: The controversy between Boltzmann and Ostwald
Departure to Saint-Victor sur Loire; visit of the village, meal, back to Saint-Etienne at 22h30.


Day 3: Thursday June 14, 2007


8h30 – 9h30

Posters, exhibitions (thermodynamics, books) coffee

9h30 – 10h50

Session B4, 4 oral communications

  • V. Mendez and J. Casas Vazquez: Hyperbolic reaction diffusion model for virus infection
  • D. Queiros-Conde and M. Feidt: Entropic skins geometry and dynamics of turbulent reactive fronts
  • B. Noack et al.: A finite time thermodynamics of unsteady flows from the onset of vortex shedding to developed homogeneous turbulence
  • F. Girard et al.: Influence of heating substrate geometry and humidiy on the dynamics of evaporating sessile water droplets
10h50 – 11h20
Coffee break
11h20 – 12h40

Session C3 and poster presentation 3

C3: 3 oral communications

  • Pascal Richet: Thermodynamics of molten silicates: connection with structure and transport properties
  • B. Sedunov: Monomolecular fraction in real gases
  • A. Udovsky: The evolution of ideas in the field of analytical and computational thermodynamics of multi-component systems: from J.W. Gibbs up to XXI century

Poster presentation 3: 20 minutes, 6 posters (theme B)

  • P. Blanco et al.: A predictive phenomenological law of the thermodiffusion coefficient in organic mixtures of n-alkanes nCi- nCj (i, j = 5, …, 18) at 25 ° and 50 wt%
  • W. Kölher et al.: A systematic study of the Soret coefficient of binary liquid mixtures
  • A. Zebib: Convective instabilities of ternary mixtures in thermogravitational columns
  • P. Polyakov: Study of thermal diffusion behaviour of alkane/benzene mixtures by thermal diffusion forced Rayleigh scattering experiments and lattice model calculations
  • A. Mialdun: Measurement of Soret coefficients in aqueous solutions
  • B Guy: Geology and thermodynamics  
13h00 – 14h30
14h30 –15h50

Session B5: 4 oral communications

  • •B. Andresen and C. Essex: Mitochondrial optimization using thermodynamic geometry
  • S. Sieniutycz: Constant Hamiltonian paths for power producing relaxation of non-linear resources
  • F. Couenne et al.: Thermodynamic of irreversible processes: a tool for computer aided dynamic modelling of processes by using bond graph language
  • A. DeVos: Reversible computers
15h50 – 16h20
Coffee break
16h20 – 17h40

3 oral communications

  • T. Veyron: Before thermodynamics: a short history of the steam engine
  • Daniel Tondeur: Optimal distribution of irreversibilities in multi-scale fluidic trees

End of conference

In the evening: Social folk danse (Ceilidh), Villars (5€ charge per person)

Day 4: Friday June 15, 2007

Geological field trip

Departure: Saint-Etienne

First stop: Col du Pertuis

View point (Le Puy area, Devès etc.) : the different types of volcanic rocks as seen in the landscape (different geomorphologic behavior): basaltic cones and flows, trachyte and phonolithe intrusions… The problem to understand the link between these different rocks in the same area.


Second stop: suc de Monac

The phonolithic dyke of Monac: inspection of the rock. General view of the outcrop.


Third stop: basaltic lava lake of Noustoulet

The basaltic rock and its peridotites enclaves. The columnar jointing of basalts.

General discussion:
- fractionate cristallization of magmas and phase diagrams
 - partial fusion of peridotites and the formation of basalts
- geothermometers and geobarometers and the physical conditions for the formation of enclaves
- columnar jointing of basalts: constitution undercooling or thermal induced stress?


Saint-Jullien Chapteuil


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