12/13/14/15 June 2007

Joint European Thermodynamics Conference IX

All topics in thermodynamics

Important dates

  • From Jan. 15th, 2007Online registration
  • February 14thApplication for Prigogine Prize
  • February 16thDeadline for submission of abstracts
  • March 31stAnswers for abstract acceptance
  • April 30thPaper : for accepted communications
  • June 12-15, 2007JETC IX
Detailed calendar


(non-exhaustive list)


1) Thermodynamics after Prigogine

History and foundations of thermodynamics, the time problem and the nature of irreversibility, thermodynamics and physics, thermodynamics and statistical physics, the teaching of thermodynamics


2) New approaches in thermodynamics

Mesoscopic thermodynamics and link with nano-sciences, extended and generalized thermodynamics, multi-scale analysis, optimisation, constructal approach, fractal aspects, non-linear effects, self-organization, molecular simulation


3) Thermodynamics and Engineering sciences

Thermodynamics and chemical, mechanical engineering, thermodynamics and environmental sciences, energy and exergy analysis, phase equilibria , classical thermodynamics,


4) Thermodynamics and natural sciences: biology, geology

Thermodynamics and kinetics in biology, thermodynamics and the formation of magmatic and volcanic rocks, self-organization in biology and geology. A focus will be given on homogenization of thermodynamic properties for water-rock geochemical softwares

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