The 33rd International Conference on
Operational Research Applied to Health Services

(Annual meeting of the EURO Working Group ORAHS)

15 - 20 July 2007
Saint-Étienne, France

and Joint Advanced Tutorial on Healthcare Delivery Engineering

Geoffroy Guichard StadiumThe Modern Art MuseumThe PilatThe city of Saint-ÉtienneThe city of Saint-Étienne


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Operations Research For Engineering Health Care Delivery

The ORAHS'2007 has been a success attracting over 150 participants with over 100 technical presentations and 6 tutorial talks plus several plenary talks.

All speakers are invited to send a FULL paper for publication in the post-conference proceedings of ORAHS'2007. The deadline for submission of publications for post-conference proceedings is October 31. Click here for instructions for authors.

Three special volumes/issues of OR in health will be published in international journals and are also open to quality papers that were not presented at ORAHS'2007:

Deadline for submissions for these journal publications is 30/11/2007. Please refer to the attached CFPs for instructions.

Of course, papers presented at the ORAHS'2007 will be given higher priority for these special volumes/issues but there are still spaces for other quality papers.

Photo Gallery of the Conference

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About ORAHS'2007

ORAHS'2007 is an international conference on engineering and management of health care delivery including issues related to design and management of health care systems and clinical applications.

ORAHS'2007 will follow the tradition of ORAHS annual meetings with (i) presentation and debate with local health decision-makers and leaders of research initiatives in health care delivery, (ii) technical presentations, (iii) field visits and tours and (iv) a rich social program.

ORAHS'2007 will also bring together and identify synergy between the ORAHS group and other national working groups on management and engineering of health care systems including the French speaking group GISEH.

ORAHS'2007 will present French initiatives in both research and education in the area of health and engineering. It will identify challenges of health care delivery that need joint European research efforts and explore strategies and actions for joint proposals for EC-funded research and development projects.

An introductory and advanced tutorial of two-days will be organized for Ph.D. students and local health practitioners.

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