Pierre Badel

Professor, Head of STBio Lab

Mines Saint-Etienne - CIS

INSERM U1059 Sainbiose

158, cours Fauriel

42023 SAINT-ETIENNE cedex 2


Tel: +33(0)4 77 42 02 60

@: badel (a) emse.fr

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ERC project AArteMIS started in 2015
Aneurysmal Arterial Mechanics: Into the Structure

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Scientific domains and skills

  1. Soft tissue biomechanics

  2. From experiments to characterization and models. Application to mechanics of fibrous soft tissues, up to rupture

  3. Numerical large deformation simulations, finite element method. Mechanical identification, inverse methods



Large vessels mechanics.
Characterization and quantification of deformation and rupture mechanisms at the scale of the micro-structure. Design and development of dedicated experimental setups based on multi-photon confocal microscopy and X-ray micro-tomography.

endovascular surgery

Mechanical simulation of aortic aneurysm treatment by endovascular surgery.

elastic compression

Biomechanics of the elastically compressed leg, mechanical effects on soft tissues and venous network.

Current PhD students

Zeineb NEJIM: Inverse Approach 3D microscopy image analysis, application to the study of structure-function relationships in aortic aneurysm tissues.
(Advisor: Laurent Navarro, Co-advisors: Pierre Badel, Claire Morin)

Bastien EYDAN: Friction mechanism influence on medical device/human body interaction.
(Advisors: Jérôme Molimard, co-advisors: Pierre Badel, Baptiste Pierrat)
Collaboration with the University Hospital, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Saint-Etienne, France.

Joseph BRUNET: Analysis of aortic dissection mechanisms using X-ray micro-tomography.
(Advisors: Pierre Badel, Eric Maire, Co-advisors: Baptiste Pierrat, Jérôme Adrien). Collaboration with CNRS Laboratory MATEIS, INSA Lyon, France.

Radha Krishna AYYALASOMAYAJULA: Reconstruction of the 3D micro-scale mechanical state in aortic aneurysmal wall.
(Advisors: Pierre Badel, Co-advisor: Baptiste Pierrat)

Past PhD students

Cristina CAVINATO: Characterization of deformation and rupture micro-mechanisms in aortic aneurysm walls.
(Advisors: Pierre Badel, Laurent Orgéas)
Collaboration with CNRS Laboratory 3S-R, Grenoble, France and the University Hospital, Saint-Etienne, France.

Phuoc VY: Development of a numerical simulation methodology to assess trans-catheter aortic valve implantation surgery.
(Advisors: Pr Stéphane Avril, Pr Pascal Haigron. Co-advisor: Pierre Badel, Michel Rochette)
Collaboration with LTSI, Rennes, France and ANSYS. CIFRE grant. ➮ Manuscript

Fanette CHASSAGNE: Biomechanical study of the action of comrpession bandages on the leg.
(Advisors: Jérôme Molimard, Pr Pascal Giraux. Co-advisor: Pierre Badel)
Collaboration with Thuasne, France, Laboratory of Exercise Physiology, Saint-Etienne, France and the University Hospital, Saint-Etienne, France. CIFRE grant. ➮ Manuscript

David PERRIN: Towards a decision-support tool for the treatment of aortic aneurysms by endovascular surgery.
(Advisors: Stéphane Avril, Laurent Orgéas. Co-advisor: Pierre Badel)
Collaboration with Laboratory 3S-R, Grenoble, France and the University Hospital, Saint-Etienne, France. ➮ Manuscript

Fanny FRAUZIOLS: Ultrasound elastography of soft tissues: application to the calf muscle under elastic compression.
(Advisors: Stéphane Avril, Jérôme Molimard. Co-advisor: Pierre Badel, Laurent Navarro). ➮ Manuscript

Bilal MEREI: Computational modeling of atherosclerotic plaque delamination mechanisms and rupture.
(Advisors: Stéphane Avril, Michael Sutton. Co-advisors: Susan Lessner, Pierre Badel)
Collaboration with University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA.

Aaron ROMO (2013): In-vivo mechanical characterization of the human aorta.
(Advisors: Stéphane Avril, Jean-Pierre Favre. Co-advisor: Pierre Badel)
Collaboration with the University Hospital, Saint-Etienne, France.
➮ Manuscript

Pierre-Yves ROHAN (2013): Biomechanical study of the venous return under elastic compression in the treatment of thrombosis.
(Advisors: Stéphane Avril, Patrick Mismetti. Co-advisors: Silvy Laporte, Pierre Badel)
Collaboration with the University Hospital, Saint-Etienne, France.
➮ Manuscript

Nicolas DEMANGET (2012): Structural Optimization of abdominal aortic stent grafts for improving their durability.
(Advisors: Stéphane Avril, Laurent Orgéas. Co-advisors: Jean-Noël Albertini, Pierre Badel)
Collaboration with Laboratory 3S-R, Grenoble, France and the University Hospital, Saint-Etienne, France.
➮ Manuscript

Alexandre FRANQUET (2012): In vivo identification of the heterogeneous mechanical properties of stenosed carotid arteries from MRI scans.
(Advisors: Stéphane Avril, Rodolphe Leriche. Co-advisors: Pierre Badel)
➮ Manuscript

Laura DUBUIS (2011): 3D modeling of the compressed leg and identification of the soft tissues material properties.
(Advisor: Stéphane Avril. Co-advisors: Johan Debayle, Pierre Badel)
➮ Manuscript


Biomimetism of the arterial wall (2008-2009)

  1. Developping a new composite material which mimics the mechanical beahavior of large arteries (research performed at Lab. 3S-R - University Joseph Fourier - Grenoble, France)

  2. The objective of this research topic is to create model aneurysms, closer to physiological reality, in order to quantify in vitro the influence of mechanical anistropy on fluid-structure interactions within the aneurysm.

  3. The approach suggested conssits in designing and elaborating a composite material made up of a soft polymer matrix reinforced by a fiber architecture.

  4. Methods:

  5. Numerical study to optimize the fibrous structure using homogenization techniques.

  6. Experimental validation using multi-axial tests, representing solicitations close to in vivo conditions, on specimens elaborated in-house.

Textile composite reinforcements mechanics (2005-2008)

  1. Modelling the mechanical behavior of textile composite reinforcements at the mesoscopic scale (PhD thesis research performed at Lab. LaMCoS - INSA of Lyon, France)

  2. Characterization and analysis of the microstructure of composite fibrous yarns under mechanical loading, using X-ray tomography and an in situ mechanical testing device [4].

  3. Development of a large deformation constitutive equation for the fibrous yarn:

  4. * Hypo-elasticity and objective derivative issues in the case of highly anisotropic fibrous [3-5].

  5. * Yarn crushing equation developed and identified based on the morphologic analyses of micro-scale tomography images and compression experimental tests.

  6. Development of a numerical mesoscopic-scale model to determine the macroscopic behavior of textile reinforcements: homogenezation and periodic boundary conditions at large deformations [1].

  7. * Validation of the mechanical response with mechanical shear tests.

  8. * Validation of the meso-scale deformed geometries with local X-ray tomography reconstructed geometries [4].

  9. Application to composite forming simulations by extending the constitutive model to a two-anisotropy-direction  model. [5]

  10. Application to flow simulation within composite preforms: determination of textile permeabilty properties using meso-macro homogenization, quantification of the influence of shear deformation and fluid rheology [2,6]. (Collaboration with Lab. 3S-R, Grenoble)