Liliane Bois-Simon

Bienvenue sur la page de Liliane BOIS-SIMON, responsable de l’enseignement des langues et déléguée adjointe aux relations internationales

Welcome to the page of Liliane BOIS-SIMON, Head of foreign languages,  Associate Director, Office of International Relations

Sur cette page vous trouverez des documents pédagogiques utiles l’apprentissage de l’anglais pour étudiants ou enseignants

This page directs you to useful resources which students and teachers can use for their class work.

CV workshop : the complete guide to CV , cover letters and job interviews, specially adapted to Grandes Ecoles French students
Helpful websites for your job or internship search

 interview questions (the typical questions you can expect in an interview)

vocabulary of interview questions

Ireland : a historical quiz on Ireland

Canada : lots of audio and text documents

US history : 3 historians and their different views on the history of the United States

US elections 2008 : audio, video and text documents on the 2008 presidential campaign

New investigation on September 11 : several video documents which give a very different explanation of the collapse of the WTC towers

ideas for tutorials : audio, video and text inspiration for your tutorials

business : a large choice of audio, video and text documents for business English

presentations : the guide to a good presentation in English

negociations : a vocabulary guide to negociations

The story of language : a complete course on the history of language by John McWhorter

Remakes of French films : questions and articles on the subject

- Business Emporium (exercises on TOEIC and business vocabulary)

- Oral Comprehension (designed by our trainees, Lori and Benedicte, Summer 2002)


Liliane Bois-Simon
Délégation aux relations internationales
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines
158 Cours Fauriel
42023 Saint-Etienne Cédex 2
tel : 33 4 77 42 01 16
fax: 33 4 77 42 00 00
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