Liliane Bois-Simon
Updated October 2001

What is a Portfolio ?

It is more than a CV.
It is a sort of folder or "portfolio" in which you present a package of your skills and abilities.
You probably have heard of artists presenting their "press-book" with excerpts of films, photos, newspaper articles, well the portfolio of an engineering student could contain :
- descriptions of projects you did
- scholarships and awards you won
- photos or CDRoms of your latest placement
- a paper you wrote on a particular subject and which got a high grade

How should it be presented ?

Neatly and in order.
Every project or achievement you want to point out should be clearly described , listed in a table of content, organized in a logical order.
You may also want to have an adaptable portfolio which you can fill in with whatever is relevant for this particular interview.

Use it appropriately

Don't sit with your portfolio on your lap. If the interviewer asks you about your team experience, turn the page to the description of a team project you have been part of.
If he/she asks if you've travelled, show a photograph of your last trip to Boston or Washington.

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