Achieved : I achieved the  highest TOEFL score in my school year.

Acted : I acted as president of the students'club for one year.

Adapted : I adapted  the existing software to its new version.

Administered : I administered several departments in the firm.

Advised : I advised fellow-students on studies abroad.

Allocated :  I was responsible for allocating European funds to various projects.

Analyzed(US) (GB Analysed): I analyzed water chemistry in the laboratory, using ion chromatography.

Assisted : I assisted   the head of the department in his administrative tasks.

Audited : The consultant I was working with was auditing firms who wanted to implement strategic planning.

Budgeted : The junior company is in charge of budgeting the annual ball.

Built : This company built the largest telescope in the southern hemisphere.

Chaired : I chaired the annual meeting of the board for seven years.

Coached : In the local sports club, my responsibilities involved coaching children under eight.

Collected : I have  collected all the bibliographical data for my thesis.

Compiled : It was difficult to compile all the documents for my research adviser.

Completed : We had to complete the project in less than six months.

Conducted : My job consisted in conducting  laboratory sessions in the telecommunication laboratory.

Designed : I designed and built microprocessor based debuggers.

Developed: Our project team developed  methods to obtain a 2-dimensional picture using tomographic principles.

Implemented : The company had to make sure new regulations concerning water treatment were implemented.

Simulated : I managed to simulate a direct sequence spread spectrum system .