Caspian Mediterranean Oil Pipeline

Advice: Read the text and listen to the audio several times before answering the questions.  If you can, don't look at the text while answering the questions.

1. The pipeline will pump a million barrels of oil a day from the Mediterranean Sea to the Caspian Sea of Baku.
true false

2. The new pipeline was discussed at the annual oil and gas show.
true false

3. British Petroleum has more interests in the project in comparison with other oil companies.
true false

4. A consortium is a:
a. partnership between companies
b. a group of companies

5. The pipeline will be:
a. 2000 kilometers long
b. most likely started in July
c. delayed for 2 months
d. all of the above

6. The oil pipeline will be:
a. constructed in two weeks
b. decided upon in two weeks
c. postponed for two weeks

7. The export route will:
a. pass through Russian territory
b. go around Russian territory

8. The United States supports this pipeline.
true false

9. If someone gives the go-ahead:
a. they are opposed to starting a project.
b. they aren't sure of there opinion on a project.
c. they are in agreement with starting a project.

10. This pipeline will cost:
a. $300,000
b. $3,000,000
c. $3,000,000,000

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