Has Christmas become too commercial?

Advice: Read the text and listen to the audio several times before answering the questions.  If you can, don't look at the text while answering the questions.

1. The speaker(s) of this article is/are:
a. a reporter
b. a reverend
c. a department store manager
d. a & b
e. b & c

2. If something is subverted:
a. it goes in a different direction
b. its power and influence are destroyed
c. its worth becomes more important

3. Why does Nicholas Holtam think that Christmas is subverted?
a. because no one celebrates it anymore
b. because it's a commercial celebration
c. because it remains untouched by commercialization

4. Overspending is a consequence of commercialization of Christmas.
true false

5. C.S. Lewis was
a. a famous politician
b. an English scholar
c. a priest in England
d. a Christian writer
e. a & b
f. b & d

6. "Glory to God in the High Streets" is an ironic play on words replacing "Glory to God in the Highest". This play on words expresses the feeling that:
a. people no longer know their scriptures
b. people praise God in the middle of the street during Christmas
c. that it seems as if people celebrate the birth of Christ by shopping

7. Bare most likely means:
a. naked 
b. a large carnivorous animal in the mountains
c. the basic essentials

8. If you go into Christmas gear, you wear festive clothes.
true false

9. If you have a tremendous longing for something:
a. you are tired of it.
b. you want it very much.
c. you no longer desire it.

10. If you were going to buy some evening wear, which of the following would you most likely buy.
a. shorts 
b. a nice suit
c. khakis
d. a & c

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