Embryo Research in Great Britain

Advice: Read the text and listen to the audio several times before answering the questions.  If you can, don't look at the text while answering the questions.

1. Greg Cloves (the first speaker) is _______ this research.
a. for 
b. against

2. What is his opinion on the research:
a. he thinks that only good can come out of it. 
b. he thinks that people are misusing science.
c. he doesn't really have a strong opinion.

3. Find a synonym for "the crux of the matter".
a. the heart of the matter 
b. the end of the matter
c. the result of the matter

4. The British Science Association approved laws allowing research from human embryo cells.
true false

5. Michael Wilks (the second speaker) is optimistic about this research.
true false

6. Stem cells-
a. come from plants.
b. are present from the beginning of development.
c. have the potential to be persuaded.
d. all of the above

7. The word tissue in this text is:
a. absorbant paper for a runny nose or for cleaning.
b. cells that are similar in appearance and function.

8. If this research proves to be successful, it could lead to new treatment for diseases.
true  false

9. If you use a person, you take advantage of them.
true false

10. A disease is:
a. a desire
b. an illness
c. a decision

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