Choose from the following texts from BBC World-Learning English.  Read the document carefully and listen to the audio.  Don't forget to take the quiz at the end!

Bleak Outlook for the World's Forests (quiz)
Caspian Mediterranean Pipeline (quiz)
Chernobyl Computer Virus (quiz)
Cloning the Panda (quiz)
Controversial Russian Stamp (quiz)
Copying Music from the Internet (quiz)
Embryo Research in Great Britain (quiz)
EU - Latin America Trade Relations (quiz)
Euro Cash Launch (quiz)
Genetic Mapping of the Down's Syndrome Chromosome (quiz)
Global Health Fund (quiz)
Global Warming (quiz)
Has Christmas become to commercial? (quiz)
Ice reservoirs Found on Mars (quiz)
Indigenous People to Trade from Forests (quiz)
Left Handedness Linked to a Better Memory (quiz)
Lennon's Murder Stays in Jail (quiz)
Low Cost Airlines Prosper (quiz)
Mapping the Human Genome (quiz)
Mobile Phone Technology (quiz)
Nuclear Power (quiz)
Pink Flamingos Arrive in Kenya (quiz)
Pre-Euro Monetary Unions (quiz)
Preventing Crop Shortages (quiz)
Quarter of Mammals Face Extinction (quiz)
Quebec's Language Laws (quiz)
Radio's First 100 year's (quiz)
Regulating the Internet (quiz)
Round-World Ballon Trip (quiz)
Russians and Americans Open New Pipeline (quiz)
Seabirds: Back From the Edge of Extinction (quiz)
Space Tourism (quiz)
Talking Chimpanzees (quiz)
The Car Industry's Hydrogen Powered Future (quiz)
The Handy Guide to the Gurus of Management (quiz)
The Spread of Foot and Mouth Disease (quiz)
Turning the Desert Green (quiz)
Vietnam's Bike Racers (quiz)
Zimbabwean Farmers (quiz)

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