Pre-Euro Monetary Unions

Advice: Read the text and listen to the audio several times before answering the questions.  If you can, don't look at the text while answering the questions.

1. The first documented attempt to have a common currency happened:
a. 1400 years ago.
b. 2000 years ago.
c. 2500 years ago.

2. This first currency portrayed a picture of:
a. Athens
b. a bird
c. a boat

3. Trade is another way of saying:
a. taking advantage of.
b. offering for free.
c. buying and selling.

4. In the sentence "They (the silver denarius and the gold aureus) ultimately gave way to the solidus,...", gave way to means:
a. became more powerful than
b. became equal to
c. were replaced by

5. Currency in this text is:
a. money used as a medium of exchange b. up-to-dateness
c. an electric flow of energy

6. To mint is:
a. to produce money by stamping metal.
b. to ship something.
c. to eat well.

7. The mighty deutsch mark refers to its:
a. lack of power. b. great strength.
c. unstablility.

8. If you counteract something you:
a. support it.
b. reduce the effects of it by contrary action.
c. you oppose the results with force.

9. The most important monetary event in modern European history took place in:
a. Britain.
b. France.
c. Germany.

10. Political unification is the splitting up of two or more countries.
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