Radio's First 100 Years

Advice: Read the text and listen to the audio several times before answering the questions.  If you can, don't look at the text while answering the questions.

1. Conventional scientific wisdom is:
a. science that cannot be explained.
b. what most scientists believe.
c. a book that Guglielmo Marconi wrote.

2. If something is windswept it:
a. is cleaned by moving air.
b. is unaffected by moving air.
c. exposed to moving air.

3. If something is time consuming, then it doesn't take up very much part of your time.
true false

4. If you haul something, you:
a. pull it.
b. drop it.
c. push it.

5. An array of aerials is:
a. a boquet of flowers.
b. a bunch of linked wires that receive signals.
c. I don't know. (Yes you do!)

6. If something blows down in a gale it:
a. is carried away by a strong storm.
b. is punched out by a hefty girl named Gale.
c. falls down due to a strong wind.

7. If you pick up a transmission you:
a. send it over a great distance. 
b. receive or hear it.
c. carry it somewhere.

8. A kite is a light framework covered with cloth at the end of a string; it is flown in the wind.
true false

9. If something bends it:
a. assumes a curved shape.
b. is straight and rigid.
c. never changes.

10. In this text, if something is hailed as revolutionary it:
a. starts a war.
b. is acclaimed as a radical change.
c. causes a lot of gossip.

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