Regulating the Internet

Advice: Read the text and listen to the audio several times before answering the questions.  If you can, don't look at the text while answering the questions.

1. If you regulate something you:
a. avoid using it.
b. try to abolish it.
c. control or direct it accordingly.

2. If your require someone to do something:
a. you encourage them to do it.
b. you demand them to do it.
c. you forbid them to do it.

3. When you save a computer program on your hard drive, you have ________ the program.
a. copied
b. transfered
c. installed

4. If you block material deemed harmful you:
a. collect material not suitable for adults.
b. restrict the usage of material harmful to children.
c. you completely ban access to certain information.

5. The police in Britain are able to view people's private email accounts.
true false

6. In this text, if you try to bring charges against someone you:
a. attempt to prosecute him or her.
b. bill him or her for overdue payments.
c. ignore their wrongdoing.

7. An Internet Service provider is:
a. always aware of what is on their site. 
b. generally responsible for unsuitable material.
c. someone who regulates internet laws.
d. none of the above

8. Legislation across national boundaries is not deemed a problem in regulating the internet.
true false

9. If someone is impossible to trace he or she:
a. is always available.
b. difficult to understand.
c. is incabable of being found.

10. If something is unrestrained it is often controlled.
true false

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