Space Tourism

Advice: Read the text and listen to the audio several times before answering the questions.  If you can, don't look at the text while answering the questions.

1. A money spinner is:
a. a game at the casino.
b. a traveling plan for tourist.
c. an idea that will make a lot of money.

2. If something is floundering it:
a. is successful and prospering.
b. very stable.
c. has problems.

3. The private space station will be __________ by RKK Energiya.
a. manufactured
b. destroyed
c. used

4. The purpose of a space station is to orbit the moon in search for extra-terrestial life.
true false

5. In the sentence, "The Russians broke into space tourism in April this year,...", broke into means:
a. smashed a station into space tourism
b. cracked a rocket into space tourism
c. entered the market of space tourism

6. The Americans were overjoyed when millionaire Dennis Tito was sent into space.
true false

7. If you endanger something you:
a. you protect it from harm. 
b. put it into an unsafe situation.
c. shelter it from disaster.

8. To interfere with something is to:
a. have a bad effect on it.
b. have a positive influence on it.
c. have a persuasive effect on it.

9. A "crew on board" is:
a. a group of tourist in space.
b. a management group from RKK Energiya.
c. a group of workers on the spacecraft.

10. If you argue something:
a. you give reasons against it.
b. you are neutral towards it.
c. you approve of it.

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