Tell me something about yourself that I wouldn't know by reading your resume :

* A turning point in my schooling was immersing myself in a number of experiments in physics. At that time I had an excellent teacher who was keen on trying experimental methods and set up a small voluntary physics workshop....

* At 15 I became involved in a local theatre amateur company. We performed on several occasions for the school's annual show. I will always remember the experience . I learned a great deal about myself, about non-verbal language. I overcame my shyness a little . It was great fun...

* The local rugby team gave me plenty of opportunities to develop my skills as a team player. Initially I was a bit reluctant to play every Sunday and to devote so much time to training. Then it became literally vital to me and I realized that it contributed to my psychological balance. Playing helps me unwind and I often find the solutions to a difficult problem after a good match.

*Well, you wouldn't know that since age 18 I've managed my own small portfolio. I've averaged 12% interest over the last 4 years.

Tell me about a problem you had with a person you had to work with. How was it solved ?

* I had researched a new online service for the library, and the manager decided to pull funding at the last minute. It was frustrating for me because I was excited about the product. I told this to the manager and we decided to put my suggestion on a priority list for the next budget.

* The order entry system at the telecommunications company where I worked was a mess. Orders weren't being processed correctly or in a timely manner. I did a work flow analysis to determine the bottlenecks, then convinced my boss that we needed to review our order processing system completely. This meant that some criticisms had to be made personally. I managed to gather  every person involved and it turned out that everyone was unhappy about the system. I then convinced my boss to invest on a new computer system and she agreed on the basis of the meeting I had organized.

* A new intern was brought in one day and immediately offended everyone with his attitude. I took him aside and explained that as an intern he had to adapt to the company as best he could and not the other way round.

Describe a time when you had to assist a co-worker .