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Referred Journal Papers:
  • Enhanced Semantic Expansion for Question Classification
Ali Harb, Michel Beigbeder, Kristine Lund, Jean-Jacques Girardot.
IJITST : International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, 2010.

  • Opinion Mining from Blogs.
A. Harb, G. Dray, M. Plantié, P. Poncelet, M. Roche et F. Trousset.
IJCIS : International Journal of Computer Information Systems, 2009.

  • Comment déterminer les adjectifs d'opinion d'un domaine donné.
Harb A., Plantié M., Roche M., Dray G., Trousset F., Poncelet P.
Document numérique 11, 1-2, p. 37-61, 2008.

Articles in Conference
  • Mining over Semantic Annotation.
Ali Harb, Jean-Jacques Girardot and Michel Biegbeder.
In proceedings of IEE/ISAS 2011 (The 17th International Conference on Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis.), 2011.

  • Enhanced Semantic Automatic Ontology Enrichment.
Ali Harb, Kafil Hajlaoui.
In proceedings of IEE/ISDA 2010 (the International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications 2010), Egypt, Cairo, UK, 2010.

  • Classification Supervisée de Questions: Rôle de l?Expansion Sémantique.
Ali Harb, Michel Beigbeder, Jean-Jacques Girardot.
In proceedings of CORIA 2010, 7th French Information Retrieval Conference,, Sousse, Tunisia, 2010.

  • Semantically Expanding Questions for Supervised Automatic Classification.
Ali Harb, Michel Beigbeder, Jean-Jacques Girardot.
In proceedings of of the Eighth International Conference FQAS'09 (Flexible Query Answering Systems), Roskilde, Denmark, 2009.

  • Evaluation of Question Classification systems using differing Features.
Ali Harb, Michel Beigbeder, Jean-Jacques Girardot.
In proceedings of IEEE/ACM ICITST-2009 (The 4th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions), Manchester, London, UK, 2009.

  • Web Opinion Mining: How to extract opinions from blogs?
Harb A., Plantié M., Dray G., Roche M., Trousset F., Poncelet P.
In proceedings of IEEE/ACM CSTST'08 (International Conference on Soft Computing as Transdisciplinary Science and Technology), p211-217, Cergy, France, October 2008.

  • Evaluation de la Performance de la Classification d'un Système Question/Réponse.
Ali Harb, Michel Beigbeder, Jean-Jacques Girardot.
Actes du XVVIIième Conférence INFORSID 09, Toulouse, France, Mai 2009.

  • Détection d'Opinion : Apprenons les bons Adjectifs !
Harb A., Dray G., Plantié M., Poncelet P., Roche M., Trousset F.
Dans les actes de l'atelier FOuille des Données d'OPinions (FODOP'08), conjointement Conférence (INFORSID'08), Fontainebleau, France, Mai 2008

Research Reports:
  • A. Harb . SASASQ : Système d'Apprentissage Supervisée Automatique pour la Classification des Questions. Research Report, Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne, 25 pages, 2009.
  • Ali Harb , Pascal Poncelet, Mathieu Roche, Gerard Dray and Michel Plantie. Automatic Opinion Detection, Master thesis second year, University of Montpellier II, 2008.

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