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I.    Presentation and Pre-requisites

       The choice of a surface material with the appropriate thermal, optical, properties etc. with sufficient resistance to wear, corrosion and degradation, is mandatory for industry. Rapid development of the surface modification technology results from cooperation between disciplines ranging from metallurgy to vacuum and plasma science, microanalysis, and nanotechnology. This rapid progress in Surface Engineering and Mechanics inspired our master diploma. Surface Engineering and Mechanics (SEM) provides students, with a sound background in mechanical science, the latest knowledge and knowhow in this new and challenging field.

       The SEM master is built on 3 principal components. During the Fall, a series of thought provoking lectures in mechanical science and surface technology are offered. These lectures cover a wide field in Surface Engineering. Corresponding exams follow each lecture. The second part is supervised lab work on advance surface characterization (GP5). The students research and write a dossier on their proposed industrial placement (240h), while closely advised by a senior scientist. Additionally, they must defend their work in an oral exam. Finally, a very important aspect of our master program is a 6 months internship, either in our lab or in an R&D-facility of an associated company. The corresponding results are presented in a written report (fit for publication) and oral defense.

         Since this master has existed for several years, we can state with confidence that our alumni from SEM easily find employment in this emerging industry. Students interested in the SEM-master courses should fulfill the following prerequisites:

             •    B2-level in English
             •    M1-level in solid mechanics (small scale elasticity)
             •    M1-level in thermodynamics and in chemistry.

Nota Bene :     Highly motivated students, with outstanding marks in the theoretical course-work and proven exceptional creativity during the internship, usually apply for PhD funding.

II.    Contact:

        If you a interested in applying for this master, or would like more information feel free to contact professor Helmut Klöcker or Madam Narjis Kournif.

Helmut Klöcker
Narjis Kournif

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