Rodolphe Le Riche - Curriculum Vitae

2014-now , CNRS* senior researcher

LIMOS* and Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne.

2021-today, co-leader of the MAAD (Model and Algos for Decision Making) Dept. at the LIMOS laboratory.

2017-2021, associate coordinator OQUAIDO chair of Applied Mathematics.

2016-2017, Faculty scholar, Portland State University, USA.

2014-2016, Research deputy director of the Henri Fayol Institute.

Research : composites optimization, kriging-based optimization, multidisciplinary optimization with uncertainties, data mining for semiconductor manufacturing.

Teaching : global optimization, optimization of structures.

2009-2014 , CNRS* first class permanent research associate

LIMOS* and Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne.

Head of the DEMO* department (10 permanent researchers), 2011-2014.

Leader of the CROCUS* research team (5 permanent researchers), 2009-2011.

Research : distributed optimization, optimization with uncertainties, identification from MRI, Bayesian identification.

Teaching : global optimization, optimization of structures.

2002-2009 , CNRS* first class permanent research associate

Claude Goux Laboratory and Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne.

PI of the ANR/OMD project (MultiDisciplinary Optimization), 3 Meuros budget.

Research : composite structures optimization, identification from full-field measures.

Teaching : structural design, identification.

1998-2001 , CNRS* 2nd class permanent research associate

Lab. de Mécanique de Rouen, INSA *de Rouen, France.

Research : identification of automotive systems. Optimum design of composites (co-author of the LAMKIT software). 3 months sabbatical at Stanford Univ. with I. Kroo.

Teaching : structural optimization, constitutive law identification, C++, evolutionary algorithms.

1996-1997 , Postdoctoral scholar

Ecole des Mines de Paris, Centre des Matériaux (G. Cailletaud).

Research : co-author of the Zset software.

Teaching : C/C++, constitutive law identification, evolutionary algorithms.

1995 , French military service

1991-1994 , Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, Virginia tech, USA

Optimization of composite structures by genetic algorithms (R.T. Haftka advisor). 1 month training at NASA Langley (with J. Starnes).

1986-1991 BSC in mechanical engineering

Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France. 6 month training period with Elsnerdruck, Berlin, Germany.

* List of acronyms

ANR : Agence Nationale de la Recherche (French National Reseach Foundation).

CNRS : Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (French National Research Center).

CROCUS : Calcul de Risque, Optimisation et Calage par l'Utilisation de Simulateurs (Risk Calculus, Optimization and Identification using Simulators).

DEMO : Decision in the Enterprise, Modeling, Optimization. One of the 4 departments of the Henri Fayol Institute, Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, France.

INSA : Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (French National Institute for Applied Sciences).

LIMOS : CNRS Laboratory for computer sciences, modeling and system optimization (laboratoire d'Informatique, de Modélisation et d'Optimisation des Systèmes)

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