Majeure Informatique / Master CPS2 (MINES Saint-Etienne)

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1 Introduction


This course overviews the domain of Internet-of-things, which links physical world to the internet and the web. We put the emphasis on relevant technologies and real applications. Hardware-wise, we look at some technologies used in the industry (Orange), and some easy-to-develop ones, like Arduino and Raspberry. Communication-wise, we study the different layers (link, transport, application) required to develop an end-to-end IoT platform.

The course is also complemented by an integrative project during which students have to applied and choose the relevant technologies and protocols to design a full physical world-to-internet system.


2 News

3 Contents

Topic Speaker Date Rooms Files
Introduction to Internet-of-things Gauthier Picard <2016-09-15 Jeu 08:00>–<2016-09-15 Jeu 10:00> EF S1.20 slides
Applications in IoT and WoT: Ambient Computing Olivier Boissier <2016-09-15 Jeu 10:15>–<2016-09-15 Jeu 12:15> EF S1.20 slides
Applications in IoT and WoT: Orange Pierre Rust <2016-09-22 Jeu 08:00>–<2016-09-22 Jeu 10:00> EF A1.04 slides slides
Hardware : an Overview Pierre Rust <2016-09-22 Jeu 10:15>–<2016-09-22 Jeu 12:15> EF A1.04, S2.11, S2.23 slides
Application Layer Protocols I Andrei Ciortea <2016-09-29 Jeu 08:00>–<2016-09-29 Jeu 10:00> EF S1.20, S2.21, S2.23  
Applications in IoT and WoT: Smart Grids Maxime Lefran├žois <2016-09-29 Jeu 10:15>–<2016-09-29 Jeu 12:15> EF S1.20, S2.21, S2.23  
Application Layer Protocols II Andrei Ciortea <2016-10-06 Jeu 08:00>–<2016-10-06 Jeu 10:00> EF S2.11, S2.21, S1.20 lab
Context Management in IoT and WoT Olivier Boissier <2016-10-06 Jeu 10:15>–<2016-10-06 Jeu 12:15> EF S1.20 slides survey
Hardware: Arduino Xavier Serpaggi <2016-10-20 Jeu 08:00>–<2016-10-20 Jeu 12:15> EF S2.11, S2.21, S1.20  
Link Layer and Transport Layer Protocols Jean-Paul Jamont <2016-11-10 Jeu 08:00>–<2016-11-10 Jeu 12:15> EF S2.21, S2.23, S1.20  
Data, formats and semantics Maxime Lefran├žois <2016-11-17 Jeu 08:00>–<2016-11-17 Jeu 12:15> EF A1.04, S2.11, S2.21  
Integration project n/a <2016-11-24 Jeu 08:00>–<2016-11-24 Jeu 12:15> EF S2.11, S2.21  
    <2016-12-01 Jeu 08:00>–<2016-12-01 Jeu 12:15> EF S2.11, S2.21  
    <2016-12-08 Jeu 08:00>–<2016-12-08 Jeu 12:15> EF S2.11, S2.21  
Project defense n/a <2016-12-20 Mar 08:00>–<2016-12-20 Mar 10:00> EF A1.04  
Final Exam n/a <2016-12-20 Mar 10:15>–<2016-12-20 Mar 12:15> EF A1.04  

4 Important dates

  • First session: <2016-09-15 Jeu 08:00>–<2016-09-15 Jeu 12:15>
  • Exam: <2016-12-20 Mar 08:00>–<2016-12-20 Mar 12:15>

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