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Christopher Yukna

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Chris Yukna
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Welcome to my homepage. the boys are on the left, then Josette, me and my daughter is on the right.
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Slideshares: Plasma Theory of Water   Let's Have Some Pun    Four Faces of Diabetes Danger du Fer   How to escape the Google Ghetto

Putting Google in the Classroom    Flight Malaysia 370   ESL Writing and Public Speaking using Linkedin and Slideshare

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Christopher YUKNA 
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  • Weird Science Crazy Scientific Theories like "Why is Mars Dry?" , "Alzheimer's, Acid Rain, and Aluminum" or "The Original Water Cycle" 
  • Literary Magazine Stories Written by Me and My Students like "Busy Signal" , "Hospital Corners" , A letter From My Sister" or "Junkyard Park?
  • The Sci-Fi Pages Composite and Individual works of Science Fiction  
  • Be sure to check out the French Science Fiction Pages by clicking on the rocket. 

    Or click on the little house to go to the design studio 

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    Last but not least I have created a section on Poetry. If you would like to hear me read Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe Click Here.

    This is where my memories of great classes are stored.

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