Play 7th Art Bingo: Find some one in the room who has or knows how to:

Altered Photos with PSP, Photoshop, GIMP etc..
Have sewn your own clothes or done embroidery.
Play a musical 
 Appeared in a film. Handled the publicity for a project or firm.
Built a lightshow or set up mood lighting: candles colored lights etc.
Sculpted or carved 
something in the last twelve months.
Flew a glider, parachuted, etc
played in a band
Made a video or help to make a video game
Dressed up as 
a member of the opposite sex for a party
Invented something.
Won a prize for Art or doing or creating  something. Climbed buildings or scaled cliffs
Composed music Edited a film
sung in a 
choir or a 
Created a costume from scratch

Likes to draw or doodle?
rode a motorcycle or a horse
ripped an audio cd Appeared on local or national TV
acted in a play where there was makeup, lights 
a paying public etc.
Solicited funds for yourself or an organization
Helped to paint or build a play's backdrop or scenery.

Loves spicy food.
sampled a song or used the buzz machine etc.
Put Make-up on someone else.
Negotiated with the director of a company or a school.
Visited Africa, the Americas, Australia, Asia as a tourist.

Like to Paint or use pastels often
Wrote a story. Worked on a storyboard Designed a poster for an event.
Wrote poetry or lyrics for a song.
Built a house or redecorated a section of a house or building.
  Then write their name in the box. See if you can get six in a row
One question to a customer! Now that the grid has at least one name in each square or that you have written no one form a circle. We are going to see how much in common we all have. As each category is named step into the circle if you know how to or have done these things. What kind of subjects would you have put in the grid?
Teacher's note: print this page and hand it out to your students.