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So You Want to be in Pictures?
This site is dedicated to the Seventh Art only digitalized.
I am trying to compile a collection of examples, tips, lessons, and site to help you and my students make movies.
Sincerely Christopher Yukna
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7th Art Lessons
7th Art Syllabus
CG Bookmarks
Where to Place Your Moving Pictures: (other than on your hard drive via e-mule, kaaza, etc)
Google upload your videos to google. you will need an acount
Submit Your Film & Festival Calendar
Atom Films
Last Independent TV
Video Search Engines
Yahoo Video
Google Video

Make Movies
Curriculum Animation
Publicity for your Films
Blogdigger's media RSS feeds
Yahoo's Media RSS module

Contests and Shows to watch
Hoshimi is about creating a video game but it is a good look see for animation
ClickOnLine: HomeMovies
On-line Tools
JumpCut upload your films to edit them free!
You_send_it (for large film attachements)
Rastabator for creating huge backdrops for your scenes with just a printer.
Kahula webtools to increase the web ranking of  your movie pages
Paper Craft to create paper cut outs for small budget films. A paper Tour Effel or Big Ben is sublimely ridiculous.
Free music
No copyright problems anymore
Tools to Use:
Microsoft's Movie Maker
To edit video
To edit images

Special Effects
Haunted World
Sound Effects Tutorial
Student Films
Tamago (huge file 100 megs)
A letter From My Sister"  primitive to say the least

Movie reviews
franksfilms Well written, informative, and intelligent reviews of films. If you are tired of reading only about films for teeny boppers this is the blog for you

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