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CV Power Words Vocabulary Quiz
Most students are familiar with these emotionally powerful words, yet rarely use them in their own resumes. This test is a quick way to refresh their memory and to get them think of how they might use them to describe their experiences

1.  The entire collection of research papers was  _____________ by a highly qualified  team of researchers.
A. cataloged       B. convinced         C. conceptualized

2. The new product line was ______________  in February?
A. assembled      B. launched          C. published

3. Creating a more equatable work environment has at its heart the aim to ______________ women?
A. modify            B. initiate              C. empower

4. Due to poor financial results, several of the company's subsidiaries were_______________ into one firm.
A. dispatched      B. consolidated     C. enhanced

5.  Having worked abroad in two different cooperations, he had little difficulty in _____________  to work in Saint Etienne, France.
A. adapting         B. flagging             C. eliciting

6. They have ______________ a superb amount knowledge since being hired four months ago..
A. acquired         B. maintained         C. negotiated

7.   The entire website needs to be ______________ some of the pages have not been updated since the 20th century!
A. innovated         B. proficient           C. overhauled

8. The new regulations were _________ in order to avoid further confusion
A. set up              B. designed          C. generated

9. The local companies have  ________________ most of their computers from on line sites.
A. steered            B. purchased         C. scheduled

10.  The company lawyers have refused to _________ their CEO who has been accused of using pension funds to restore his multi million dollar villa in San Tropez.
A. examine           B. represent           C. instruct