Teaching Warcraft As a Foreign Language

1. What does this sound imply ?

A. There is a baby that needs to be fed.
B. You have problems.
C. You ate something bad.
D. Your mate is horny.

2. When you build a sawmill you can then train:
A. Wizards of the Saw
B. Carpenters
C. Paladins
D. Eleven Archers

3. If you decide not to build an elaborate fortress and concentrate
on producing lots of simple warriors and send them in masses to
attack, this strategy is called a
A. The Bum's Rush
B. Grunt Rush
C. Mount Rushmore
D. The Russians Are Coming

4. Who makes this sort of noise?

A. Computer majors near the end of completing their group projects.
B. Peons.
C. Lilianne Bois Simon.
D. Deathwing.

5. You and your partner have been attacking another player or players.
The two of you are winning when suddenly he begins to destroy your
ogres. You have been:
A. Betrayed
B. Bemoaned
C. Beset
D. Bemused

6. Listen to this answer the question: Is this proper Ogre etiquette?

true false

7.  Holy vision is totally useless.
true false

8. Mana is money that you can use to buy wicked cool weapons in Warcraft II
true false

9.  It is a good idea to cast the invisibility spell on a demolition squad to
sneak them past your enemies defenses.
true false

10. If you repair while you are building your project will be completed
well ahead of time.
true false

Your score is :