A Princess of Mars
                          by Edgar Rice Burroughs
1. After waking and finding himself on a Martian plain covered with moss, what is the first structure that he comes across?

2. Initially the Martians wish to kill John Carter, what does he do that gives them pause?

3. The first Martian John Carter meets has how many legs and arms?

4. Does John Carter consider himself to be a guest or a captive of this band of Tars Tarkas?

5. What color skin do these Martians have?

6. What is the range of their rifles? In other words how far can they shoot?

7. What is the martian life span, on average how long do Martians live, and why do they die "young"?

8. When he is brought back to the marble building that is home to the group what does he notice about the furniture? What does he consider odd?

9. What do the green men of Mars find funny? What makes them laugh?

10. After performing a sort of jumping or "sak" exhibition John Carter ask to be fed, who leaves with him to search for food and drink?

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