The Job Interview

Let's come back to the real world. Lets imagine a day like no other day for a recruiter in a large company. The working title of this sketch might be « Chaos in Human Resources ». Please break up in groups of three or four depending on the size of the class. (Nota Bene : This is an exercise that can be done in pairs if you are talented enough as actors to play many roles.)
Lets see, you are armed with a list of interview questions as well as the body language that people often exhibit during a Job Interview, thanks to Krease the Prophph. These two things  should serve you well here. Your mission is to write a short scene. Actually, several short scenes, basically, what takes place during the interviews for a certain position in a firm.
Now, it is up to your group to decide what kind of job is up for grabs. Are you going to play it straight or make it funny or phasmagorical ? Who are these candidates ? Did you make a sort of CV for each to bring in. Props, whether they be letters of introduction, business stats, or resumes are a wonderful place to write down the lines of your skit. It really can be an aid for the actor/student if his or her memory is a little fuzzy. Having an idea of the CV of a character can also enrich the characterization of the role.
Since I assume none of you are professional actors, having a list of movements and gestures can remind you that you are here not just to read the lines. There is more to a play than simple standing there. Sometimes a gesture or a facial expression will get more laughs or capture an audience better than all the fancy phrases in the world.
As in real life, most of the job interviews will end in failure. Often it is a simple fault that separates the winners from the losers. Your skit will illustrate those faults. It is up to your group to decide what those errors of judgment or comportment will be.
Here are some interesting personality types or characters : People who are overwhelming self-confident, perpetual liars, addicted to sleeping etc. or
Shrinking Violet : so shy he or she canít answer questions orally but sends notes to the interviewer.
The Mercenary : able to make a bomb from coffee grounds, dishwasher soap, and toner from the photocopier. What kind of offers would he make so that you hire him ?
Superman or Spiderman : Why not a comic book character. Superman sure can type.
Remember an interview is a two way street. Donít forget to question the questioner.

Now click on the button below to get some crazy phrases to add to your skit. (You are not obligated to include these phrases they are just to get you thinking)



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