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In the exercise below, choose the word that least resembles the selected word. For example:
If the word was GOOD
and you had such choices as
A. benefit
B. plus
C. right
D. party
The answer, obviously is D. party

A informed
B told
C plowed
D disseminated

2. Expand
A increase
B ordeal
C multiply
D enlarge

3. Feast
A piece of matter
B food
C diner
D provisions

4. Disperse
A sow
B distribute
C scatter
D savvy

5. Gift
A endowment
B scholarship
C offering
D entreat

6. Covering
A quilt
B comforter
C bedspread
D pillow

7. Subsidy
A permission
B allowance
C aid
D stipend

8. Concede
A acute
B accept
C recognize
D acknowledge

9. Match
A double
B duplicate
C hike
D partner

10. Collide
A hit
B asset
C bump
D run into

  Post Script: The Top score is 100 %

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