Related Questions

1. Could someone please tiptoe around the room to show us how it is done?

2. Sport or Athletic shoes are called sneakers in the United States. Why do you
suppose that is so?

3. The painter Rubin liked plump women. Marilyn Monroe is now considered
too fat for modern tastes. Why do you think today's ideal woman is so skinny?

4. Have you ever lifted weights or engaged in Body Building? Why or why not?

5. The plaza is crawling with reporters. In this sentence crawling means that there are
multitudes of reporters. Why?

6. When is the last time you were scolded? Who scolded you? When is the last time you
scolded someone? Do you sound like your parents when you scold?

7. Please list some other synonyms for weary or tired. Why are there so many?

8. Is it a struggle for you to wake up each morning? If left to your own devices what time
would you get up? How many hours of sleep do you need?

9. Is there ever a time when it is okay to cheat? How about to lie?

10. What would you consider to be ample evidence in a murder trial, ample enough to convict some one?


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