What is a Lullaby?

1. Do you know the name of this lullaby?
Could you find the name using the Classical Music Search?
Have you ever heard the expression "the lull before the storm"? What do you think it means.

2. In nautical terms, stern means what part of the boat?
Which  do you prefer a stern or an easy going teacher?
Which one do you do more work for?
Which one do respect more?

3. A lot of people blame the last person who used a photocopier when it goes on the blink.
Is this fair ?  What other machines are often out of order?

4. July 14th is when the mob stormed  the Bastille. Name some other historical events where buildings or
areas were stormed.  Can you make a list of storms?

Describe the most violent storm you were ever in.

5. Do you think that watching television has made you passive?

6. Do you think listening to recorded music has affected you? After all,
recorded music is all pervasive.

7. Have you ever been in a car crash? What was it like?

8. Do you like to idle away hours or do you like to rush around doing all sorts of projects?
How do you spend your idle moments?

9. From mild to extreme, how would you describe yourself?

10. If you could be any where, where would you rather be?


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