Anatomical Discussions
(Idioms and Vocabulary of the Body)
Match the expressions on the left with the definitions on the right and enter the correct number in the box.

A. Finger licking good 
B. Hand me downs 
C. Long in the tooth 
D. Two fisted drinker
E. Lip smacking
F. Mouth watering
G. Tongue lashing
H. Fought tooth and nails
I. Ear splitting
J. Low Brow
1.Imbides like a fish
2. Tasty
3. Used  by someone else before (often clothing)
4. Battled desperately to the end
5. Loud
6. Unsophisticated
7. Criticized severely
8. Aged or old

  Post Script: The Top score is 100 %

Note: Always start from the left of the box. If you put in a space you will get an incorrect result.

A. Harebrained or scatter-brained
B. Lily-livered or yellow bellied
C. Tongue-twister
D. Soft touch
E. Brain dead
F. Hard nosed
G. Heartless
H. Knee jerk
I. Heart of Gold
J. Brain-teaser
1. Kind, good, sweet, etc.
2. Dificult problem or puzzle
3. Cowardly
4. React without thinking
5. Cruel or without pity or tenderness
6. Dumb or a very easy decision (slang)
7. strict and tough
8. Easy to beg money or obtain favors from
9. Flighty or foolish
10. Dificult to pronounce

  Post Script: The Top score is 100 %


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