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Boston Toefl Exam: Section II

boston gardens and state house This is a sample test based on the city of Boston. As far a I know the facts and stories included in this exam are true.

And this is good old Boston
The home of the bean and the cod
Where the Lowells talk to the Cabots

and the Cabots talk only to God.

                                      John Collins Bossidy 1910

boston map 1842

1. Waitresses at the Durgan Park Restaurant ________ the unenviable reputation of insulting their clientele.
A. has
B. having
C. have been
D. have

2.  Usually it is not until Heartbreak Hill is climbed that the Boston Marathon ____ decided.
A. has
B. did
C. is
D. would

3.  Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley   ___________ wrote one of the most horrifying novels of all time: Frankenstein.
A. having nineteen years
B. at the age of nineteen
C. aged nineteen
D. of nineteen years old
Mary Shelly
4. _________________ it was said you could walk in to shore on the backs of codfish when Massachusetts was first
discovered, fishing has declined in catch with each passing year.
A. Although
B. Yet
C. However
D. Not only
Atlantic Codfish

5. The Gillette Razor Company is ____ successful today as it was in the 1980s.
A. as
B. more
C. an
D. so

king gillette

6. ________________________ is not as easy as it looks in the changeable New England climate.
A. Efficient solar house constructed
B. Solar home which are put together
C. Building efficient solar heated homes
D. Solar heated homes built

7.  ____________ the Swan boats and the USS Constitution, the Old North Church is one of the most
popular tourist attractions in the city.
A. both
B. unlike
C. like
D. alike

8.  Chris Yukna _________________ the first thirty nine years of his life without  leaving the confines of his country.
A. inhabiting
B.  who lived
C. was spent
D. spent

9. No matter ________________________ , Jerome gets sick at the sight of blood and he's a pre-med student.
A. how ridiculous it seems
B. how seems it ridiculous
C. ridiculous how
D. that how is ridiculous

10.  _________________ awesome number of coeds in the Boston area.
A. An
B. There are an
C. For an
D. Since there an

11. Tourists in Boston ________________ almost anything they want except public toilets.
A. can find
B. when finding
C. this could find
D.  which can found

12. __________________________ a series of parks that encircle Boston was envisioned by Frederick Law Olmsted

A. That the Emerald Necklace in which
B. The  Emerald Necklace that
C. Because   Emerald Necklace
D. The  Emerald Necklace

13. By far ___________________ of the Athens of America is its charm.
A. the most important asset is
B. the most important asset
C. that is the most important asset
D. its most important asset

14. Not every girl _____________ at the University of Massachusetts, it just seems that way.
A. beautifully
B. to be attractive
C. is attractive
D. are pretty

15. Nathaniel Hawthorne ____________ for his story The Scarlet Letter.
A. is famous
B. has celebrated
C. was famed
D. celebrated

For the next twenty five questions you must identify the error in each of the folowing sentences:

16. ItA. was not until 1966B. when a law that C. forbid all forms of birth control was rescinded D. at last.

17. In 1657, the General Court of BostonA. pass  a law B. which stated  that if a man C. were a Quaker then his ear D. was to be cut off.

18. Oliver Smoot (Class of 66)A. was usedB. at measure the Harvard Bridge (Mass Ave.) by C. being flipped head over heels 364D. times.

19. A. During the Civil War; the Bostonian General Joseph Hooker permitted women B. follow his troops into camp and these C. women becameD. known as "Hooker Ladies" or simply hookers.

20. A. The larger pipe organ B. in the world is C. to be found in the First Church of Christ Scientist D. of Boston.

21. Boston was A. original a peninsula B. which  was C. separated completely from the mainland D. at high tide.

22. Charles Dickens A. once said: " Boston is B. whatC. would likeD. a whole United States to be."

23. Boston's proximity to  recreational areas; mountains, seashores, lakes and A. the like B. attractC. many visitorsD. each year.

24. A. Buildings range in sizeB. to the smallest, the wooden Paul Revere House C. to huge skyscrapersD. like the John Handcock.

25. Boston's puritanical past A. is reflected in a collection of rules and regulations called the "Blue LawsB. because they wereC. by tradition printed on D. paper blue.

26. Boston's continued success A. as a large city is surprising B. since it has C. neither abundant resources D. or is it located along major trading routes.

27. The exquisite A. beautiful of the B. glass flowers at the C. horticultural museumD. is breathtaking.

28. A. Rope maker   were B. prolific in Boston C. since it was the rope making capital of the United States D. at one time.

29. One A. of the unique featuresB. of this city C. they are that D. it is not necessary to own a car to get around.

30. A. Sheeps and cows once B. grazed on the Boston Common and it is said that the paths they made to get C. there were the basis D. for the city's streets.

31. One of the funniest urban A. legend recounts the B. story of a man "Charley" who C. got on the subway just before a rate hike and was never allowed to get off because he hadn't enough D. to pay for the increase. (He's the man who never returned)

32. Fiscal investments andA. banking are sectorsB. that have increasedC. dramatic D. in recent years.

33. How A. much you spend B. depends how expensive, C. are your tastes D. in dining.

34. One A. inventor that Boston B. can claim home to  is the "safety razor" invented C. by  "King Gillette"D. at the turn of the century.

35.A. Large block of ice B. packed in sawdust were shippedC. to India in the 19th century
making fortunesD. for many of Boston' Families.

36. A. The landfill makes up B. over 70 C. percent of the total surfaceD. area of the city.

37. The "eggsA. at Deer Island produce B. methane from bacteria and waste C. pump inD. from Boston's sewerage system.

38.A. When the John Hancock Tower was B. built it was slightly taller C. that the Prudential Building
so the Pru had to add a radio antennaD. to its building to make it the tallest building in Boston.

39. Jaywalking A. has reachedB. an art form so much C. so that Boston D. have been named the Jaywalking Capital of the United States.

40.  To celebrate A. the French Revolution, Boston had one of the B. large,C. longest and rowdiest parties D. at the intersections of Kilby, Water, and Batterymarch Streets and this spot is now known as Liberty Square.

You have made : errors.     and your approximate Toefl score is between


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