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Cain and Abel

This exercise is to write a dialog between two individuals. You will break up into groups of two. This is a very emotional and dramatic episode because it involves a death scene. Try not to be melodramatic. Editors note: This works just as well between two sisters or a sister and a brother.

The Murderer: You are insanely jealous of your brother. You will be in the middle of an everyday conversation with him when you will poison him with either a hypodermic or a drink. You will tell him what you have done and that there is no antidote. He will have only a few minutes to live. You must invent the reasons as to why you hate Abel so.  To your horror your sibling forgives you. In the end, you realize that you have lost a friend and destroyed part of yourself. In your moment of triumph you come to know that there is no way you can live with this mistake. By the way, there is no poison left.

The Victim: You are not a saint. You can be initially angry at your murderer. But when all is said and done, you love your brother and know that vengeance is futile. What good would it do if you were to kill your brother too. You can see that your murderer would almost welcome death. You must invent auxiliary reasons as to why you want your brother to survive (for example:  your niece, your mother, etc.) You must come up with ways to protect your sibling from the criminal investigation or the shame to your family that will follow. Be inventive as to how, you, the victim, can help your killer escape justice.
You know as well, that you are poisoned and must begin little by little to fade away.

Both: You must  lament over the lack of communication and sensitivity that led to this horrible impasse. You have to discuss and regret the absence of a future for you two, the things that you will never do, or do again.