I love the paradoxes of  the English language.  Where else could you find hot-dogs that are cold or dark room that is lit. Let’s face it : women can have morning sickness at night and nightmares can take place in broad daylight. The reason that this is still logical is that these are compound words and thus the definition is not the same as just the addition of the individual words.
Here several compound words used in English to describe the personalities or attributes of someone or something. Below each word please write what you think they mean. I know that it is unlikely that you have ever seen these words used together but their combination may help you discern their meaning. If not I expect your definitions to be amusing.

bird-brain                             four-eyes                       lazy-bones

block-head                           goof-off                         loudmouth

hard-hat                                low-life                         butter-fingers

heart-throb                            ne’er-do-well                cut-throat

heavyweight                         pip-squeak                     dead-eye

high-brow                             redneck                         egghead

scarecrow                             fathead                           killjoy

flatfoot                                  know-it-all                     wetback