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Last night my bedroom went crazy.  I opened the door and stood in the entry. I could not believe my eyes;  my bunk was hanging from the ceiling . The clock was there, too, behind  the pillow.  The
room was totally nuts, completely mixed up. The scatter rug was standing straight up against the wall which I found quite odd., In addition, in front of the rug was the lamp, only it was off the floor and sideways upon the wall.
My books were in a messy pile on the floor (which is never the case) with the bookshelf  leaning on them. The telephone was still plugged in but, bizarrely, inside the wastepaper basket. The TV was upside-down and underneath  the dresser. The dresser, inexplicably, was  floating  above the  television. The table was lying on its side on the floor. And finally, the picture was face down on the floor.
The whole chamber was  completely insane.  I did not know what to do,
so I went to get my mom.

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