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Returned to Normal
I found my mother and told her about the room. So, we went to look. As we peered
around the corner, to my surprise, the chamber was perfectly normal. The table was
upright with the telephone upon it. The trash barrel was empty. Thankfully, the bureau
was on the floor. The TV was atop the bureau and not beneath it. My books were neatly
shelved on the bookshelf which was firmly attached to the wall. The timepiece was in its
original position. The light was vertical, again, and next to the door. The picture of
Great granduncle Napoleon was face forward and hung on the wall. The bed was off
the ceiling and down to earth once more. My cushion was on the quilt. Finally, the carpet was lying on the ground near the bed. Everything was back to its usual place.
My mother said that maybe I was working too hard



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