Teacher's Hints for Crazy Room

Crazy room was designed to put as many prepositions on the page as possible. Synonyms and
antonyms abound, examples:
right side up   vs    upside down     or trash barrel  and waste paper basket

Because there is an image the students can actually see the spatial relationships involved in behind or beneath ,etc.
1. Have your students label everything in the picture before reading the story out loud.

2. Read it together. Give them the second page later, after they have read the first.
3. Together or individually create a list of synonyms and antonyms used in the story.
An interesting way to illustrate that words are synonyms is to use the equals sign "="
and antonyms to draw a slash through the equals sign to signify opposite.
Tell your students to name everything like doorknobs, plugs or sockets even if it is not in the text.

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