Crime and Punishment
(Idioms and Vocabulary from the Crime Scene)

1. Choose one of the following that is not a synonym for prison
A Sing Sing
B The Slammer
C The Big House
D The Stone
2. When someone says that "he'll sing like a canary"
this means that:

A he'll tell the police everything
B cry out from punishment
C he's not very logical
D he's got a high voice
3. What is the difference between jailbait
and a jailbird?

A the first one is prison food and the second is another name for pigeon
B the former is a girl under the age of consent and the latter is a frequent prisoner.
C jailbait is a fishing tool and jailbird is a type of dog
D the first is a prison tattoo and the second is a prison escape plan
4. A stakeout is:

A a lockout
B surveillance
C a scam
D street savvy
5. "Cheese it " or "Scram" means
A fraud
B sell it at a loss
C leave in a rush
D an eating frenzy
6. To tail someone means
A to follow them where ever they go
B comfort them
C to kick them in the butt
D to do a police sketch of them
7. "A.K.A." is or means
A a fraternal police organization
B also known as
C alias
D a type of assault rifle
8. A K-9 squad is
A a group of specially trained and heavily armed policemen that intervene in crisis situations
B police that investigate crimes and irregularities committed by the police
C detectives that work on crimes related to prostitution and drugs
D a policeman or policemen who work with dogs
9. Which of these criminals would normally be classified as nonviolent
A rapist
B murder
C cat burglar
D mugger
10. A Hit man does what to earn his daily bread?

A sings
B kills
C punches
D launders money

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