Crime and Punishment II
(Idioms and Vocabulary from the Crime Sector)

Remember in English you don't do or make a crime: you commit a crime.
Of course there are some synonyms for commit.
1. Which of the following words could replace commit in the phrase commit a crime or an unlawful act.
A execute
B effectuate
C perpetrate
D Pull off
E all of the above

2. Speaking of synonyms there are many for the police, for example: the Law, the Man, the Fuzz, the Pigs (used a lot in the sixties but is a little out-moded now) the cops, etc. Which of the following is not usually a police officer.
A flatfoot
B  turnkey
C  narc
D undercover

3. Choose the word that has little or nothing to do with prostitution:
A call girl
B whore
C hooker
D pimp
E gun moll
F street walker
On the lam: to be in flight from the law, to be hiding or running from the police or sometimes the Mafia molasses: a thick syrup formed when you  start to refine sugar, usually a dark brown color
a piece or a rod: slang for a gun, pistol, 
or revolver
lineup: a  group of people standing up against a wall for inspection or identification. Usually on the wall behind the suspects is lines denoting height in feet and inches
Packing or carrying: slang for armed Shootout: a gun fight, a battle between two forces or gangs

Fill in the blanks don't forget that there can be more than one correct answer
4. I hear that Johnny is __________ , there is no telling how long he can elude the police
A shoot-out
B on the lam
C packing or carrying
D lineup

5. Also it's said that he's _______________ a rod which is a parole violation.
A shoot-out
B on the lam
C packing or carrying
D lineup

6. He hasn't been the same since his brother was killed in a  _______________ with a rival gang.
A shoot-out
B on the lam
C packing or carrying
D lineup

7. You know the police don't have much on Johnny;  just one witness who identified him
from a ______________ and even that guy wasn't that sure.
A shoot-out
B on the lam
C packing or carrying
D lineup

8. If you've heard their song you must know that Franky was Johnny's _____________.
A main squeeze
B old woman
C steady
D molasses

9. If you were paying a bribe you would expect the money to be paid _______________.
A aboveboard
B wholesomely
C under the table
D on the QT

10. Which of these crimes could be classified as "white-collar"?
A Embezzlement
B Manslaughter
C Juvenile Delinquency
D Homicide

  Post Script: The Top score is 100 %

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Bonus question: True or false grand larceny is the opposite of petty theft.

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