Petty Crimes and Misdemeanors

Sometimes in life it is almost impossible not to commit an unlawful act. Here is a series of questions that should allow us to define petty and the not so petty crimes.

1. Have you ever      Created a disturbance or been a public nuisance?

If so where, when, how, and why?

Some minor offenses are more serious than those above. You do not have answer the following questions or atleast not truthfully.

2. Have you ever been a       Beggar?

3. Do you think panhandling is moral?

4. Do you see anything wrong or harmful in busking in subways or on street corners?

5. Many people see smoking marijuana as a victimless crime. They usually point out that alcohol destroys more lives and that cigarette smoking costs more to society. Thus for them it is unjust to incarcerate people for doing indulging in this activity. Where do you place yourself in this debate?
And if you believe that smoking marijuana is not really criminal where do you draw the line?

6.  Do our communities honestly have justice if the richer you are the more likely you are to have
lenient sentences or no punishment at all?

7. If you were in a parking lot and you slightly scratched the finish of a relatively new car. If you were sure that no one had seen you would you leave a note offering to pay?

8. If your "significant other" bought a dress or suit that makes them seem hideous, would you tell them?
What if it just didn't look that great and they appeared to be very pleased with their purchase?

9. One day you see your best friend (who is married to one of your syblings) in the arms of of someone other than their spouse. Your best friend spots you and comes over begging you not to tell anyone.
What would you do?

10. Would you be willing to going fishing and catch, clean, cook, and eat your catch?
How about kill and pluck a chicken? And a cow or a calf? Are you a vegetarian?